Archive: June 2015

  • Three Steps to Better Project Pictures!

    So… over the past 10 years we’ve received LOTS of handbag photos from our customers and we LOVE looking at each and every one of them… many of which are ultimately entered in our monthly “Handbag of the Month” contest. But you know what? Even though almost all of the bags pictured in the photos […]

  • PPC11: Test Drive TWO

    So… in the last post in this series I showed you the “Samsonite Gorilla” sample of our new design. But you might recall that based on that sample, there was a boat-load of things that needed my attention! So many in fact that I felt the need to make up yet another “Samsonite Gorilla” sample. […]

  • Showrooming: Does it Affect the Paper vs PDF Debate?

    So… Several month ago I wrote a lengthy piece in answer to a question we field on a regular basis from our customers, that being… “Why don’t you offer your pattern in a downloadable format?” (such as a pdf). In that post, (which you can access by clicking here), I explained our business model and […]

  • “Katching Up”

    So… a few weeks before AQS Quiltweek Paducah I was invited to join a FaceBook group comprised primarily of sewing industry entrepreneurs. I accepted without hesitation because after all, how many opportunities do I get to “talk shop” with folks who do pretty much the same thing I do? Here’s a hint… Over the course […]

  • PC11: The Test Drive

    So… in our last post in this series, I showed you the “basic shell” for our next handbag pattern and even though I was pleased with the results of that round of testing, I knew there were LOTS of tweeks (both big and little) that needed to be made! So after going back thru our […]

  • Amazing Applique in Minneapolis

    So… in our last post we showed you our favorite Art Quilts from the Spring Quilt Market and in this post, (our last Market post until the Fall show) we’ll share our favorites in the category of Applique which has always struck me as the most amazing of techniques both in terms of difficulty and […]

  • Art & Whimsy in Minneapolis

    So… I doubt anyone would argue that in terms of sheer numbers, the typical quilt display at the Spring Quilt Market pales in comparison to that of the Fall Market in Houston, TX. But you know what? From what I’ve seen that statement could also be said of virtually ANY other quilt show in this […]

  • PPC11: A Soft Shell Test

    So… in our last post we showed you the original sketches for what will eventually be our new design for Fall 2015, and since then we’ve drafted our first set of pattern templates in preparation of putting it all together in our first “test bag”, which is really just the soft exterior “shell”. And don’t forget, […]

  • June 2015 Handbag of the Month

    Congratulations to Patti Shirk of Lawrence, KS!   She and her bright & beautiful Quattro won our May 2015 “Handbag of the Month” contest in a close finish over Eileen Risser of Portland, OR. Her prize? … a $25 virtual gift certificate and a permanent place of honor in our “Handbag of the Month Archive“! […]