Archive: February 2014

  • Is FREE an Expectation?

    So… everybody loves getting something for FREE right? And you know what? I’m no exception! As a matter of fact, years ago (circa 2004) when I was struggling to get started in this business, a very wise person who I admired very much advised me to try placing a couple of free patterns out on my website. The logic? “If […]

  • Baby Z’s Nursery; Reversible Crib Bumpers

    So… In a previous post we revealed the nursery set we recently created to welcome Baby Z (our new granddaughter) who is due to make her debut on or about March 6th. And in response to popular demand, we’ve created this little mini-series in which we’ll share the construction details photos and tip for the items we created. Next up– […]

  • PPC9- The Gorilla Test

    So… in our last post we told you that we were satisfied enough with the progress on our design that we were ready to create the first complete, suitable-to-carry sample in this series! Yep- it’s time for what we fondly refer to as “The Samsonite Gorilla Test”. (And if you’re unfamiliar with that terminology, then just click […]

  • On Blooming Late

    OK… So I’ve been described by many as a late bloomer, and I guess it’s a moniker that I really can’t deny. Many of you know that I got started in pattern design late in life. As a matter of fact, I retired from the City in a whole ‘nother field of work before this business was […]

  • Baby Z’s Nursery; the Crib Sheet

    So… In a previous post we revealed the nursery set we recently created to welcome Baby Z (our new granddaughter) who is due to make her debut on or about March 6th. Since that post, we’ve received so many nice comments and plaintive requests for details that we decided to make this a little mini-series so we could […]

  • PPC9- Who Needs Fabric?

    So… since our last post when we showed you the process by which we designed the soft “shell” for our new bag, we’ve drafted our first set of pattern templates in preparation of putting it all together in our first “test bag”. And for those of you that might be new to our Purse Pattern Chronicles series, […]

  • Baby Z’s Nursery

    So… you’re probably tired of hearing about how excited I am about my new granddaughter who due in early March. And here’s the thing… some of you long-timers might actually remember that prior to my grandson’s birth I made most linens to decorate his nursery.  I actually had a blast doing it,  so when my […]

  • A New Neutral – Yay or Nay?

    So… If we heard one consistent request from our customers over the course of last year, it was this; “When will you add a great neutral zipper to your line?” Which I have to admit I didn’t totally understand, (since I am of the opinion that our black & white mini-stripe zippers are already the perfect […]

  • PPC9- A Soft Framework

    So… in our last post we showed you a few sketches of our next handbag design, so that means now, with the formalities done, that its time to begin the process of bringing my new pattern to life! 🙂 And here’s the deal… since the success of this design will be entirely dependent on the “Soft & Stable” […]

  • February 2014 Handbag of the Month

    Congrats to Anna Lankeshofer of Rochester, NY! She’s the winner of our annual “January 2014 Handbag of the Month” contest! Her awesome little Tandem Tote was the winner in a real horse race that wasn’t decided until the last few days of the month! She wins a $25 virtual gift certificate and a permanent place of […]