2014 Battle of the 2nds

2014collageCongratulations to Shirley Allen of NJ

She’s the winner of our November 2014 Handbag of the Month contest! Her spectacular bejeweled Quattro was the winner almost from the get-go! She wins a $25 virtual gift certificate and a permanent place of honor on our website.

But it’s December, and that means…

It’s time for what may be our last “Battle of the 2nds”… which has been an annual event when all of our 2nd place finishers from our monthly contests during the past year get one more chance to be the “Handbag of the Month”!

So…scroll down to check out all of our impossibly beautiful 2nd place finishers from 2014 and choose which one YOU love the best, but be fore-warned, this is a difficult, yet delightful task! And when you’re ready to vote, just click this link, or use the link at the bottom of this post, to be taken to our official voting page!

(And don’t forget, if you click on any individual picture, you’ll be shown a LARGER view!)

poll473Our January 2014 runner-up was Pamela Smolek of Corunna, MI. poll473bShe was totally inspired by this oriental print that was in her stash when she made up her Quattro. She added the complimentary embroidery and made up the PortaPocket Purse Insert with the leftovers.
poll476And guess what? Pamela Smolek of Corunna, MI was also our runner-up in February 2014 with yet another stunning Quattro entry. She said she combined 3 different embroidery designs from Embroidery Library to embellish the front pocket area of this bag!
Insert14-1aPenny Oosterman of Vermont was the runner-up in 2014 Purse Insert of the Year (our March 2014 contest). Insert14-1bShe says she couldn’t believe this  Pink” Encore Purse Insert could hold EVERYTHING in her purse! Insert14-1cThis is a belated gift for one of Penny’s best friends! Lucky girl!
poll485Avalon Boullt of Phoenix, AZ made this Quattro for her Mom. poll485b She was the runner-up in our April 2014 contest. Here’s a shot of the zippered main storage area. poll485dShe says she was inspired by the colors in her Mom’s living room… rust, and gold. This Quattro is one of MANY that she has made for various family members.
Dale Whyte of Santa Cruz, CA was back with another terrific Baggalista and was in fact our runner-up in May 2014. Dale made this one with travel-themed fabric since she plans on taking it on a fun Hawaiian cruise! If I’m lucky maybe she’ll send me a “selfie” of her sporting her fun bag with a volcano in the background? Don’t you just love the polka-dotted zippers and strap? 🙂
poll503And June 2014 saw our 1st ever tie! In this case it was for 2nd place between this Uptown Saddlebag by Sarah Dannerbeck of Santa Fe, NM.  :)   and…….. poll507this dynamic duos of Quattros by Alice Page, who said she loved the first Quattro she made so much that she ‘had’ to create another!  🙂
poll513And evidently a great many of you thought that this fancy embroidered butterfly on the pouch of this Quattro was just fantastic? This springy entry was created by Kathy Warner of Hubbard, OR and was our 2nd placer finisher in July 2014.
poll532And Joyce Hykes of Newark, OH created a Quattro with a flair for the dramatic and it ended up as our 2nd place finisher for August 2014.
poll535Here’s our 2nd place bag for September 2014 poll535cIt was created by Marilyn Wale of Essex, Great Britain, who said she had been saving it for something special! I’d say she made a good choice, no?
poll551 poll551cAnd wouldn’t it be fun to carry this cheerful & colorful Wrapsody? poll551bIt was created by Marty Campbell of Emmett, ID, and it was our 2nd place finisher in our October 2014 contest.  She said she made each of the zippered pockets a different color and I love this look!
poll555And Pat Leask of Ontario was  in our November 2014 contest with her latest creation, a cool blue Wrapsody. poll555cPat said she liked the way this bag went together and decided to try using our “Pieced Embellishment” tutorial. She went in a totally different direction than we did, utilizing ALL blue (and purple) hues!I LOVE the result! poll555bI also love that Pat said her bag collection will soon outnumber her shoe collection! That’s MY kind of gal!

 So…there you have it!

Choosing is gonna be tough, but you can only vote for ONE bag!
Are you ready to cast a vote for YOUR favorite?

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