Archive: May 2013

  • This Changes EVERYTHING!

    So…. in a recent post we gave you a sneak peek at the new website we’ve been working on for over 17 months. Not continuously of course. But a lot! Seriously… a LOT!!! But here’s the deal… It’s FINALLY DONE! And for us, this changes EVERYTHING! Now what exactly do we mean when we say […]

  • An Improved Peek

    So… You might recall from a previous post, that we participated in the 1st ever “Sneek Peek” displays at the Quilt Market last Fall and from what I observed at least, it was NOT for the most part, a big success. That was largely because the space we actually received was only about 2/3 of […]

  • Build-a-Booth…In Portland, Oregon

    So… over the past few weeks, we’ve shared with you the new floor plan we devised for the Spring Quilt Market, as well as our vision for the way it would look with the sample bags in place, so I’m thinking that you might like to see how our plan came together in reality when […]

  • A NEW go-to Zipper Option!

    So… not too long ago in a previous post I sought your opinion about a new type of zipper we were considering adding to our line and while the verdict was mixed, there was enough positive feedback to merit giving them a try. And besides, I find them totally intriguing and can’t wait to play […]

  • Ode to a Good Purge

    A while back I took you on a little studio tour and ever since then it seems that everyone has been clamoring for me to reveal my fabric stash. But here’s the thing….I’m pretty sure you’re going to be sorely disappointed when you see it for the following three reasons. Even though I have difficulty […]

  • Booth Evolution – 2013 Style

    So… with the Guardian release finally in our rear-view mirror, I feel like I can finally take my eyes off my computer screen and turn them toward Portland, Oregon, the site of this Spring’s International Quilt Market, which ironically was the site of our very first Quilt Market back in 2008. When I think of […]

  • DIY Bobbin Holders

    So….am I the only one  who has a bobbin collection that looks like this???     Some how, I think not!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to pick a bobbin out of that messonly to have two others”jump out” and take off across the floor! BOY that makes me mad! And yeah, […]

  • PPC7- A “Bits n’ Bobbins” Market Sample

    One of the most exciting things about Quilt Market is checking out all the new fabric. I love wandering the aisles among the new collections admiring all the wonderful project samples. It makes me want to branch out and be a fabric designer myself… but since I’m not, I have to kinda live out this […]

  • The 2013 Purse Insert of the YEAR Contest

    Congratulations to Diane Rhodes of Monroeville, PA! She‘s the winner of our annual “April 2013 “Handbag of the Month” contest! Her intricately pieced Guardian was simply fantastic and she wins a $25 virtual gift certificate PLUS a permanent place of honor on our website. Honorable mention goes to Maenad Widdershins of Normandy Park, WA.  If […]

  • On Breaking Thru a Creative Block

    No matter what your profession is, the odds say that at some point you’ve experienced a creative block, because let’s face it, everyone is susceptible and I’m no exception. To be perfectly candid, there are honestly some days when I just feel stuck, totally incapable of coming up with an original idea, let alone a […]