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  • The 2012 Highlight Reel

    It’s that time of year. Time to check out which of this year’s posts our readers responded to the most. And for us, we evaluate the response to an individual blogpost in two different ways;one of which is the number of page views… and the other is by the number of comments. So… up first,  […]

  • PPC7- Sketchings

    (This post is part of a continuing series focusing on the development of a new handbag pattern from its initial conception to it’s release.) So in our last post in this series, we told you that the inspirational source of our new design was the security issues that so many of you have been writing […]

  • Our Goals for 2013

    In our last post in this series, we discussed some of the things that worked good for us in 2012, as well as some of the things that didn’t quite go as well as planned. And so now, with our 2012 assessment done, here’s a sneak peek at what a few of our goals are […]

  • 2012- What Worked… and What Didn’t

    So as another year draws to a close, it’s customary for us to do a long, hard assessment of what we did right over the course of the last 12 months, as well at what didn’t work out quite as good as we had hoped. Here’s how it went this year. First- the Good Stuff  […]

  • Ask Kat: “Can I Copy It?”

     (This post is the first in a new series we’re starting in an attempt to publicly answer some of the mostly commonly asked questions we receive.) As you might suspect, we field a LOT of questions by phone, and by email every week. And here’s the deal, for every person that actually picks up a […]

  • In Honor of All Things Emerald

    It’s that time again!!! (Yeah, I know it’s almost Christmas, but that’s not what I’m talking about right now.) So it turns out that Pantone, the standardized color folks, just  recently announced thatthe 2013 PANTONE Color of the Year is Emerald, a vivid and rich green, often associated with the gemstone of the same name. […]

  • Purse Pattern Chronicles SEVEN (PPC7)- The Inspiration

    (This post is part of a continuing series focusing on the development of a new handbag pattern from its initial conception to it’s release.) Purse Pattern Chronicles- the 7th editionIf you’ve been a fan of our popular series, the “Purse Pattern Chronicles”, then you know that the original inspiration has varied a great deal for […]

  • FREE Download- Repurposed Denim Apron

    So, in a previous post I showed you the denim apron that I fashioned out of a beloved old pair of blue jeans. In that post I promised to upload the pattern pieces and a color pictorial based on the response to that post. Well… the response was quite incredible, and just so you know, […]

  • the 2012 “Battle of the 2nds”

    In the past, we’ve generally devoted our January Handbag of the Month Contest to a “Battle of the 2nds”, an annual event when all of our 2nd place finishers from the past year get one more chance to be the “Handbag of the Month”! But this year, we’re going to change it up and END […]

  • A Repurposed Jeans Apron

    If I’ve learned anything in the past few years, it’s that I am HARD on a work apron. I bet I’ve gone thru 5 different aprons, all of which have had to be patched and repaired many times each. I’ve tried all types of fabric, even reinforcing the fabric with various interfacings, but nothing seems […]