Archive: June 2011

  • On Unpacking Your Bag

    It’s a phrase I’ve heard countless parents telling their children. “You can be absolutely anything you want to be”.  Fact is- you were probably given this advice somewhere along the way as well, right? And I’m guessing that for most kids, (at least here in the States), its pretty much true. But is it good […]

  • Book Review- The War of Art

    First off- I’m not in the habit of recommending too many books, but The War of Art: by Steven Pressfield is one of those must-have reads for any person who feels a calling to create, whether it’s as a writer, an artist, or as an entrepreneur. It’s written like a 165-page daily devotional, split into […]

  • Product Review – Lapel Stick

    A month or so ago, I received a phone call asking if I would be willing to try out a new product called Lapel Stick. I agreed, as long as I could be completely honest in my review, so here goes. Lapel Stick is advertised to be the neatest thing since sliced bread. It’s supposed […]

  • Product Review- Quick Zip Tote

    So when I saw Linda McGehee at the Quilt Market in May, she was sporting a VERY cool tote bag that I think will interest you! I’m not normally a big fan of your basic square tote bag, but there’s something pretty special about this one. Watch this short video to see what it is! […]

  • Bias Tape with a Smooth, Flat Finish… It IS Possible!

    I get a LOT of questions about bias tape. (It evidently cause more than a few, a BIG problem.)Folks always ask me how I put my bias tape on so that it’s flat and smooth. No rumples.. no bacon edges….and no gathers.And here’s the thing is, it’s easy as pie, but you know what? it’s […]

  • Meet and Greet- Henrietta Timmons

    This is another post in a continuing series called “Meet and Greet”. We’ll be sharing the results of interviews we’ve conducted with fascinating folks in our niche, that you either know of already, or will want to know more about.  Henrietta Timmons I‘ve know Henrietta and her hubby Rick for sometime now. They were actually […]

  • Seven Website Pet Peeves-

    Obviously, I spend a lot of time on the Web, and for the most part, I enjoy it, but unfortunately, there are quite a few things along the way that can make surfing less than pleasant. In this post, I’ve compiled a list of seven things that are particular pet peeves of mine — things […]

  • June 2011 Handbag of the Month Contest

    So… it’s time for another ‘Handbag of the Month Contest’, and I think you’re really going to love the bags in our lineup this month!And if you’d like to have more info about an individual bag in this month’s contest, click here to read more in our newsletter for June! So without further ado, here […]

  • FREE Stuff

    FREEIt’s a powerful word.Everybody loves to get something for FREE, don’t they? And I’m no exception. But let’s face it, not all the free stuff you run across on the web is good. One of the best things we ever did was to put a few free patterns on our website. Posting free stuff that […]