Archive: September 2010

  • Booth Display Evolution

    Right now we’re in the midst of getting ready for the Fall Quilt Market, which is always held in Houston, TX. This is our 6th Market, and even now, the whole process can seem quite overwhelming. The deadlines, the reservations, figuring out new cities, and the hardest part… anticipating everything you could possibly need to […]

  • Do the Research!

    (This post is part of a continuing series focusing on home-based business startups.) You may have noticed that we took a little break from posting about home-based business startups so we could blatantly promote the DittyRoo, which officially released on 9/6/10. Our last post in this series (on July 1st) was a listing of the […]

  • The Heart Holder- a free pattern giveaway

    Well- it’s been a good while since we’ve released a new free pattern. To tell you the truth, at times I’ve regretted my decision to post free patterns on my website. I guess that statement may require some explanation, but you see the whole reasoning behind the free patterns was to encourage folks to give […]

  • Question of the Week #25

    It’s that time of year again, the start of another new season of TV. And so far it seems that several of my favorite shows either aren’t returning, like 24… or are changing their format so much that they might be unrecognizable, like American Idol. So….this week’s question is…. Which of the new TV shows […]

  • Kick-off Time!

     There’s just something about that 1st conference home game. Everyone’s excited.  Maybe it’s because the stadium’s full of folks wearing team colors.  Maybe it’s because the weather is warm and it’s not even a big deal if it rains…. which it did. Maybe it’s the cheerleaders, many of whom are cheering for their first televised […]

  • In the Mood for MODA?

    It’s that time of year again… Everyone in the sewing industry is thinking about the Quilt Market… So the MODA representative called me the other day. She had seen the new DittyRoo pattern and  had some fabric she thought would be a good fit for it & wondered if I would be willing to make […]

  • Question of the Week #24

     What are you afraid of? This is a REALLY easy question for me because I know exactly what I am most afraid of … and that would be…. a spider. Correction… that would be ALL spiders. I cannot think of any type of spider that I like. I know what you’re thinking. I bet you’re […]

  • Perfect Timing

     In so many ways, this has been a very hard year. We’ve dealt with several deaths, and illnesses, and bitter disappointments, and surgery, and postponements… but in the middle of it all, came the most wonderful gift of all…. our grandson. Isn’t he fabulous? His timing couldn’t have been more perfect.He’s brightened even the darkest of days with a smile. He’s […]

  • PPC2 – Purse with a Purpose

    So, I was working on the 3rd draft of the instructions for the DittyRoo a while back, and all of a sudden, it just hit me! What if I took some digital pictures of a few of the newer techniques involved in making this new bag, and posted them on my website in the form […]