Archive: January 2010

  • Let it SNOW!

    Jeter & I are enjoying the view this morning. There’s about 6 inches of fresh snow and everything looks so clean and beautiful. I had gotten so I hated snow. Despised it. But that’s because for 29+ years I had a job that either required me, or someone I was responsible for, to go in […]

  • Little C’s Crib

    My son-in-law was in Charlotte on business this week, so Erica asked me if I would like to be her partner at this week’s labor & delivery class. I jumped at the chance. Besides, I’ve been wanting to see how the layette was going to look in the newly painted nursery. (As you might recall, […]

  • Purse Pattern Chronicles- Inspiration

    It seems as though I’ve been working on this new purse pattern for a LONG time, and in fact, I started the preliminaries for it way back in late October. It’s only been recently, (since getting into my new studio), that I’ve had the time and space to get my head back into the game, […]

  • One of those weeks….

    It’s been one of those weeks. You know the ones I’m talking about… I was going to get LOTS of things done.I had no appointments.My calendar was wide open.I had all the supplies I needed to get 2 samples made, and all my preliminary illustrations on paper.I was going to make some serious progress this […]

  • Freehand Fantasy

    So have I told that I’m expecting my first grandchild in early April. (OK- stop rolling your eyes, I know I talk about it too much!) But here’s something I haven’t told you about that you’ve just got to see to believe!A while back, I repainted Lil C’s room in preparation for a project. One […]

  • Worth Waiting For

    Some things are worth waiting for. Building a new studio… buying a new car…. taking a special vacation… These are just a few things that come immediately to my mind. You can probably think of many others and truth be known, if we compared our lists of things worth waiting for, they’d probably look completely […]

  • Willkommen!

    So, after spending the past few days in my studio,I just have one thing to say… I LOVE IT!!! I’ve decorated a bit to make it feel more like home.Come on in… I’ll show you! Even Jeter & Joba are feeling a little more comfortable. Of course, they aren’t sleeping in here yet. They don’t […]

  • Back in the Saddle

    Today was a GREAT day! I got back into the sewing room for the 1st time since mid-November. At that time, I was making progress on my new purse pattern, but I literally have not touched it since, and when I picked it up today, I hardly knew where to start. It was like picking […]

  • New Studio- Behind closed doors & drawers

    So today, following another morning of moving stuff down 2 sets of stairs, I took some time this afternoon to enjoy actually doing a little work in my new studio. OK, it was computer work, but increasingly it seems that’s what I do the most anyway. Here’s my new work area, pretty much set up […]

  • A Studio, at LAST!

    At long last… the studio is done! That doesn’t mean everything is moved in… but it does mean we are working hard toward that end. I very much under-estimated how long it would take, and how involved it was going to be, to gather up all the business-related stuff that was scattered about the house. […]