Archive: 2009

  • A Night to Celebrate

    It’s New Year’s Eve, and I guess it’s only natural on this day, to take some time to reflect on the past year, but I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. It seems to me that this practice only serves to remind me of my failures over the past twelve months. So […]

  • Studio Update

    You know the finish line is in sight when the carpet starts going down, so today was a REALLY exciting day! We chose to use carpet squares so we could add a little pizzazz to an otherwise neutral room. Until today, NO ONE has seen this carpet but me and the hubster and I must […]

  • Trying it on for size!

    Did I mention this was to be a quiet Christmas at home for us this year? Oh, I’m sure i did, but since our Cabinet guy told us we were free to start loading up the cabinets with our stuff even though the countertops aren’t in place, we just couldn’t resist. Here’s the finished patterns […]

  • Merry Christmas!

    So it’s Christmas eve, and there’s still snow on the ground at my house. I don’t know if this qualifies in your neck of the woods, but in this part of North Carolina, we count this as an extremely rare “White Christmas”! We just got home from a family gathering and will be spending a […]

  • Christmas Market Cruise- It’s a Wrap!

    So there you have it- Our cruise is over and we’re back at home dealing with the holidays, American Style. But I just thought you might like to check out a few pictures of the various Christmas Markets we saw. First off, every market in every city has it’s own personality, but there are some […]

  • Danube Cruise- Day 7

    When I looked out my window on this cold snowy Sunday morning, I saw this beautiful building, so I knew we were in Budapest, Hungary. I’ve seen this building many times in pictures, but I know now, that pictures just do not do it justice! It’s simply spectacular, but it’s just one of the many […]

  • Danube Cruise- Day 6

    During breakfast on Saturday, Day 6 of our cruise, we crossed over into Slovakia, formerly part of the Czech Republic, a country whose people lived under the oppression of Soviet rule for 40 years or so. Even though the standard of living in countries that were part of the Soviet bloc lags behind that of […]

  • Custom Cabinetry

    Today we took a quick ride (in the snow) into Winston-Salem to see my new cabinets. The guys are going to begin installing them on Monday, but I just couldn’t resist taking a peek, (since they asked us in for a customer appreciation lunch)! Here’s a good shot of a few of them. The 4-drawered […]

  • Danube Cruise- Day 5

    So on Day 5 of our river cruise, we woke up in Vienna, and of course… it was raining. No matter, we bundled up & headed out for our walking tour of the city.Now I certainly don’t mean to imply that Vienna wasn’t a beautiful city, because it was… or that the people weren’t accomodating, […]

  • Meanwhile..on the homefront

    We may have been taking a vacation, but our builder and his crews were hard at work on our new studio. When we got home, this is what we found.The painting is done except for some touchups. The lights are all in place, the power is ON, & the Mitsubishi heat pump system is functional, […]