15 Years of StudioKat Designs: 3 Things I’m Proud of


in a recent post I told you that 2018 will be our 15th year in business as an independent pattern designer and purveyor of custom zippers & hardware and since I’m grateful to be a entering this big anniversary year as a small business owner, I’ve created a three-part series about the 15-things I’ve learned… am proud of… or have truly appreciated about the business of being StudioKat Designs.

Up Today-
THREE  Things I’m Proud of

1) Building a business from scratch and growing it for 14+ years with absolutely no experience in business, marketing, designing or online retailing, all while never losing sight of how important it is to stay up-to-date and work harder and smarter every day! We’ve stayed true to what we believe in, learned from our mistakes, and continue to push harder every year to produce original products and content that both inspires and challenges our customers!

2) Not being afraid to stretch my skills and produce something different and out of the norm. I like trying new things even if what I create seems to be a little ahead of its time or maybe doesn’t take off the way I’d hoped. Our web store and 1st three patterns was launched in 2004, and we displayed at our 1st Quilt Market in Portland Oregon in 2008, released our own line of zippers with 3 initial styles in Spring 2011 and began adding bag hardware to the mix in Fall 2011. I hope I never become too afraid to dive in and try something fun and challenging!

3) Demonstrating to my grandchildren (and other family members) that it’s never too late in life to achieve great things by learning new skills and working hard. Since starting this business I’ve learned HTML, self-published 39 patterns, launched new products at 16 Wholesale Shows and 18 Retail Shows, designed & created my own print ads and promotional materials while utilizing my own photography! I do this job everyday because I love it, but now more than ever I do it because I want to create something that has meaning and worth, not to just help support our family but to inspire our youngest members to dream BIG!


And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

Are there things you’ve accomplished that YOU are particularly proud of? If so, I’d love for you to share them in the space provided below as well as any questions or comments you might have.


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  1. Virginia Barbaro

    I have worked for other people from a very young age(7). Starting in a flower shop and staying in that industry for 35 years. After finally extricating myself from the flowers, I had a series of jobs including commercial embroidery, real estate and working for several bridal shops doing alterations. All through school, I was fortunate to have fantastic sewing teachers and learned pattern making as well as sewing. After a short stint working for one bridal shop who treated their customers poorly I decided to try an alterations business of my own. It ran for 20 years and expanded to custom wedding gowns. I am very proud to say that for my custom clients, I only saw them from 3-5 times. My last bride lived 300 miles away and I saw her 3 times start to finish. That included drafting the pattern. So glad the groom was great with a tape measure.