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So my daughter called me last week and told me she’d be in Charlotte today if I wanted to buzz down there and spend the day with her, and of course the answer to that question is always a resounding YES! Couple that with the fact that she was interested in taking in MaryJo’s and that’s a recipe for a perfect day! Just in case you’ve never heard of Mary Jo’s, it’s located in Gastonia, NC and it’s arguably the best all-around fabric store in the Southeast! If you can’t find something to inspire you or stir up your creative juices at Mary Jo’s, then we need to check your pulse!

I don’t know how things are in your hometown, but we just don’t have a really good all-around sewing store here in Winston-Salem, and it’s just a shame. Sure we have a couple of terrific quilting stores and thank goodness for that, but if you’re looking for something other than quilting cottons, good luck. JoAnn’s and Hancock’s just do not compare to a store like Mary Jo’s. Before the letters of protest start coming in, I know there are some really nice JoAnn’s stores in this country. My sister-in-law took me to an outstanding one in Rochester, NY. But our local JoAnn’s is a mess. It’s under-stocked and what’s worse, the sales help is generally surly. To me, Mary Jo’s is the DisneyWorld of sewing stores. I can literally spend hours just walking the aisles! Just look at this wonderful print I found within minutes of arriving!! The size of this panel is just about perfect for a Lollapalooza sample and the zebra print fabric will look so cool as the lining. I know just the way I want to cut the exterior to make the best use of this print! I’ll take a few pictures in case y ou want to do likewise!

THEN, as if that wasn’t enough, I heard THIS beautiful piece calling to me from under a display! Again, I think the Lollapalooza exterior is the perfect pallet for showcasing a breathtaking design such as this. I picked up this gold fabric for the lining. I’m not thrilled with it, but it will do, unless I come up with something better.

I’m so excited about these finds that I can hardly wait to get up to the studio to get started! Nothing like a fun day bumming around a terrific store with a terrific daughter to re-energize you, right?
So why not take a little trip to YOUR favorite sewing store, or maybe just check out Mary Jo’s on the web? You never know what you’ll be inspired to create!

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  1. I am so jealous!! We lost our one unique independently owned (and affordable) fabric shop a couple of years ago here in Tucson. We do have a couple of good quilt shops but we are mostly stuck with the usual chain stores and I really do not like them. I envy those of you with fabulous fabric shops nearby. Just make sure you regularly buy from those shops so you don’t lose them!! Thanks for the link to Mary Jo’s Cloth Store ~ I certainly don’t mind mail ordering from a good shop!! Linda

  2. I grew up just west of you in North Wilkesboro! When I was living there I used to go to W-S and the Home Store of Piece Goods! It had EVERYTHING – or so it seemed til I went to Mary Jo’s!

    Haven’t been there in probably 10 years but would love to go back! Living just south of Chapel Hill now makes it a bit harder to “just go.”

  3. What is it with Joann’s and surly employees? Ours is like that too. Just love that last fabric.