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  • Road to California 2018 – the Highlights

    So… with the 2018 edition of the Road to California Quilter’s Conference “in the books”, it’s time for us to show you what we deemed to be the highlights of this year’s show! First off, our booth set up was basically the same as it was in Houston for Quilt Market & Festival with one […]

  • Quilt Market 2017- Quilt Favorites

    So… I saved the best for last in this the 6th & final post following the 2017 International Quilt Market, because now it’s time to show you my favorite quilts from this show! But first I want to emphasize that I am no expert on quilting. As a matter of fact, I’m really not even […]

  • AQS Daytona Beach- the Quilts

    OK- so to close out our series of posts on the AQS Quiltweek Daytona Beach, here’s my EIGHT favorite Quilts from a very impressive selection of show quilts this year! “Infinite Glow” by Renee Burson of Port Orange, FL I loved just about everything about this quilt, from the striped edging to the asymmetrical shape! […]

  • The 2017 Road 2 CA Roundup

    So…. we’re back from a very successful Road to California show and here’s how it went. We were REALLY pleased with our new booth setup. The extra 2 square feet (although it’s really not that noticeable in this picture) really came in handy and we’ll repeat this set up when we head to Daytona Beach […]

  • Quilt Festival 2016: The Winning Quilts

    So… here’s the thing. I don’t generally make a big effort to “walk the floor” of the Quilt Festival. First of all, it feels so totally different than Quilt Market, and most of all, it’s the only time I have left to see those QUILTS! So during Festival I make a special effort to arrive […]

  • AQS Paducah 2016: The Quilts

    So…. we were so busy during the AQS Paducah show that I never got the chance to see the display quilts in any other venue than the 2nd floor (where we were being housed). And even though I don’t doubt that the quilts in the other areas must have been gorgeous, it’s hard to believe […]

  • AQS Paducah 2016: The Good, the Bad & the SCARY!

    So… a few short weeks ago we spent another fabulous week in Paducah, Ky for the annual AQS Quiltweek event and can I just say that we absolutely LOVE this event. As you might suspect, not all quilt shows are created equal and there have definitely been some that we’ve enjoyed more than others. For […]

  • Road2Ca2016-MY Favorite Modern & Innovative Quilts

    So… in our last post in this series I showed you my favorite Traditional quilts from this year’s Road to California Quilter’s Showcase, but today in this last and final post from this show, I’m going to share with you my favorite quilts in the Modern & Innovative categories. So let’s get started! The first […]

  • Road2Ca2016 – MY Favorite Traditional Quilts

    So… In our last post in this series I showed you the BIG winners from the Road to California Quilters Conference, but you know what? … I really can’t imagine how the judges went about making their decisions because I honestly thought that many of the non-winning quilts were just as beautiful as the ones […]

  • Road2Ca – The Winning Quilts

    So… One of my favorite things about attending quilt shows & conferences is to walk amongst the amazing display quilts. To be able to admire the creativity & workmanship up close (without touching of course) is a real priviledge and I always come away totally inspired. And here’s the deal… In the eight years we’ve […]