• PPC10- Sketchwork

    So… in our last post I explained the inspiration for our next design, and I’m thinking it might have come as a surprise to many of you, no? And now, it’s time to show you exactly what we have in mind for this bag, which will be a true multi-tasker’s bag! As you can see […]

  • Do MORE of What you LOVE

    So… What if there was a way to incorporate more joy into each and every one of your days… would you be interested? Who wouldn’t, right? Well it’s actually pretty easy to make every day more enjoyable and it all starts by asking yourself one simple question… “What things do I REALLY enjoy?” So let’s […]

  • Tweeking our “Look” for Chattanooga

    So… if you’re thinking that it seems as though we were just doing this… You’re RIGHT! Just a few short weeks ago we were fine-tuning our booth display for AQS QuiltWeek Charlotte, (it seems like just yesterday), and now it’s time to gear up for AQS Quiltweek Chattanooga! And actually, since we were relatively pleased […]

  • PPC10- The Inspiration

    So… It wasn’t too long ago (Dec of 2013 to be exact) that we made a pronouncement… We would NOT be publishing a “fanny pack” pattern until such time as we could create one that was BOTH fashionable and attractive to carry!   Not only that! We went one step further and said we didn’t […]

  • AQS Quiltweek Chattanooga- A Banner Day

    So… I’ve made a new thing for our booth display in Chattanooga! And I’m pretty excited about it! I noticed during AQS QuiltWeek in Charlotte that several vendors had banners in their booth displaying the show pins they had collected from the many retail shows they had vended at over the years. And this got […]

  • September 2014 Handbag of the Month

    Congratulations to Enisa Durakovic of Slovenia! She’s the winner of our “August 2014 Handbag of the Month” contest! Enisa’s Gadabout was a dramatic come-from-behind winner and prevailed over a very strong field of contestants!  Her prize? … a $25 virtual gift certificate and a permanent place of honor in our “Handbag of the Month Archive“! […]

  • 20 Ways to Maintain a Creative Lifestyle

    So… I get a lot of questions about creativity, mostly concerning where my ideas come from and what I do when I just don’t FEEL creative. But here’s the thing… for the most part, creativity is not something I normally struggle with. And the best way I know to climb out of a creative rut […]

  • And the Password is….

    So…I noticed a cool thing the other day at a restaurant! There were little framed cards placed in prominent locations with a QR Code and a WiFi symbol on it. Of course I immediately whipped out my Smart Phone and used my QR Code Reader and EUREKA! What came up on the screen was their […]

  • So You Wanna Be a Tester?

    So… in a recent post we showed you the bags that our testers created in the process of “test-driving” our new design, the Wrapsody. And just in case I haven’t said it in a while, you need to know that our testers play a totally vital and oft underestimated role in our design process. So I’m constantly amazed at how often folks […]

  • AQS Charlotte- Stitch Like an Egyptian

    So… It’s evidently an AQS tradition to have a few special exhibits at each of their shows, and for AQS Quiltweek Charlotte, this special exhibit was “The Tentmakers of Cairo”, which is a VERY impressive display of Egyptian “quilting”. These pieces are NOT typical quilts like we’ve come to expect. Instead, they are canvas-backed cotton […]