• Booth Matters

    So… you might remember that the last time we changed our booth setup was last year at this time, right before the 2016 Road to California show (detailed in this post & at left). And you know what? It was actually a pretty good setup… so good in fact that we haven’t changed it a […]

  • PPC14: The Inspiration

    So…. whenever I start considering a new pattern design, I like to think about my target customer and what type of bag she might be shopping for this year. And what better place to figure this out than by listening to the shoppers who visit our booth at retail shows, right? It’s a formula that […]

  • Our Goals for 2017

    So… in a recent post, I told you about some of the things that worked well for us this year, as well as some of the things that didn’t quite go as I had hoped. And now, with our 2016 assessment completed, I’m ready to detail our goals for the new year, 2017. 1) Our […]

  • January 2017 Handbag of the Month

    Congratulations to Karen Wetherall of the UK! Her extraordinary Cosmo Convertible was the come-from-behind winner of our annual “Battle of the 2nds” contest and her prize is? … a $25 virtual gift certificate and a permanent place of honor in our “Handbag of the Month Archive“! Just click HERE to see her beautiful entry! And […]

  • The 2016 Highlight Reel

    So… It’s that time of year. It’s time to check out which of the posts we’ve published this year were MOST enjoyed by our readers. And for us, there’s TWO ways of determining this; which posts got the most page views… and which posts got the most comments. First up… the Blogposts w/the most pageviews […]

  • 2016: What Worked & What Didn’t

    So… 2016 is almost over, so it’s time for us to sit down and do a long, hard, honest assessment of what we did right over the course of the last 12 months, as well at what didn’t work out quite as good as we had hoped. You know what they say, those who do […]

  • Our 2017 Show Schedule

    So… I’ve been working on our 2017 Show Schedule of late. And if you’re thinking this is a little early to be doing this, it definitely is NOT! As a matter of fact, two of the 3 shows we’ll do between January and April (of 2017) have been reserved, booked, and paid in full for […]

  • On Diet & Exercise

    So… I took BOTH of my cats to the vet at the same time a couple of weeks ago… ALL BY MYSELF! Now I know that may not sound like all that big a deal to you because after all, people all over the world do that everyday, right? But not so in MY house!  […]

  • Quilt Festival 2016: The Winning Quilts

    So… here’s the thing. I don’t generally make a big effort to “walk the floor” of the Quilt Festival. First of all, it feels so totally different than Quilt Market, and most of all, it’s the only time I have left to see those QUILTS! So during Festival I make a special effort to arrive […]

  • the 2016 “Battle of the 2nd’s Contest

    Congratulations to Cathi Page of Colorado Springs, CO She was the winner of our “November Handbag of the Month“ contest! Her reproduction-look Quattro was the winner almost from the get-go! She wins a $25 virtual gift certificate and a permanent place of honor on our website. But it’s December, and that means… It’s time for […]