• PPC11: Sketchbook Snaps

    So… in our last post we showed you the inspiration behind the bag design which will be the focus for this our latest round of Purse Pattern Chronicles and we promised that next on our list was showing you the original sketches we made prior to beginning our design work, and true to our word, […]

  • Spring Quilt Market 2015- An Overview

     So… last week at this time we were in beautiful downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota for the 2015 version of the International Spring Quilt Market and this year, instead of giving you the usual blow by blow account of how we put our booth display together, (especially since we haven’t changed the layout appreciably since “Road to […]

  • PPC11: A SuperCali Inspiration

    So… with the HipBag Hybrid and the Card Cozy both safely launched, I started playing around with a few ideas for our next bag pattern a few weeks ago! AND… since I just recently spent a week at Walt Disney World, I couldn’t help but be reminded of how much I enjoyed the classic movie, […]

  • AQS Paducah’15- The Quilts (part 2)

    So… in a post from last week I shared some pictures of some of my favorite small wall quilts from AQS Quiltweek Paducah 2015 and now it’s time to show you the rest of them, but here’s a spoiler alert… be prepared to be blown away!  Let’s start with the Longarm Machine Quilted Small Wall […]

  • The Market Reload

    So… the International Spring Quilt Market will be located in Minneapolis, MN this year, and that’s far away from NC, so that means that all our booth supplies and products must be loaded onto a pallet and shipped in advance to the convention center. Now we’ve been looking forward to going back to Minneapolis as […]

  • AQS Paducah’15- The Quilts (part 1)

    And now… it’s time for one of my favorite set of posts from every show! The Incredible Quilts! It seems like every show handles the display of their show quilts differently and the AQS Paducah show was no exception. The quilts as well as the vendors are spread out over 4 distinct areas which is […]

  • On Getting One More Chance

    This beautiful poem made its way into my Facebook news feed a couple of days ago and since Mother’s Day is around the corner, I thought you might enjoy it! There’s no such thing as too often when it comes to being reminded to appreciate the little things is there? Nobody wants to look back […]

  • A New Zipper: and a Closeout SALE!

    So… several weeks ago, just for fun I posted a picture (below) on our FaceBook page of several zippertapes we were considering for our Zipper line. Those of you who have been following our posts for sometime know that we generally try to add something new and interesting to our Zipper line at least once […]

  • AQS Quiltweek Paducah

    So… if we’ve learned anything from traveling to 19 tradeshows over the last 8 years, it’s that every single location we vend in is different. But here’s the thing— even though we like to think of ourselves as grizzled show “veterans” by now (and we are), we’ve found that there’s nothing that can make you […]

  • May 2015 Handbag of the Month

    Congratulations to Patti Foley!   She and her remarkably pieced “Uptown Saddlebag” won our April 2015  “Handbag of the Month” contest in a close finish over Wendy Hallett. Her prize? … a $25 virtual gift certificate and a permanent place of honor in our “Handbag of the Month Archive“! To see her winning entry just […]