• So You Wanna Be a Tester?

    So… in a recent post we showed you the bags that our testers created in the process of “test-driving” our new design, the Wrapsody. And just in case I haven’t said it in a while, you need to know that our testers play a totally vital and oft underestimated role in our design process. So I’m constantly amazed at how often folks […]

  • AQS Charlotte- Stitch Like an Egyptian

    So… It’s evidently an AQS tradition to have a few special exhibits at each of their shows, and for AQS Quiltweek Charlotte, this special exhibit was “The Tentmakers of Cairo”, which is a VERY impressive display of Egyptian “quilting”. These pieces are NOT typical quilts like we’ve come to expect. Instead, they are canvas-backed cotton […]

  • AQS Charlotte- The Quilts, Part 2

    So… in our last post in this series I showed you the quilts I liked best from AQS Quiltweek Charlotte in the “Innovative” categories, and today I want to show you my favorites in the more traditional categories. First, here’s my favorite Traditional Bed Quilts This beauty is called “Aunt Mimi’s Flower Garden II” and […]

  • AQS Charlotte- The Quilts, Part 1

    So… The thing I like to do most at Quilt shows… and  the thing I have the LEAST amount of time to do (unfortunately), is to walk amongst the spectacular competition quilts! I could easily spend the better part of day strolling the aisles, but I’m lucky if I manage to get 20-30 minutes before […]

  • AQS Charlotte- Our Neighbors

    So… Quilt Week Charlotte was our very first AQS show and we went into this event with high expectations since we’ve always heard really good things about the AQS shows. And you know what? AQS sure knows how to kick off a show! with CUPCAKES! because one sure way into a vendor’s heart is with […]

  • Our AQS Charlotte Look

    So… in recent posts we’ve shown you the floorplan we intended to use for AQS Quiltweek in Charlotte, as well as some new banners we’re going to use for the first time, and also the sample bags we’ll be displaying. So were we happy with our new “look”? In two words, yes… and no! Let […]

  • If you SEE Something….

    So… I guess it comes as no surprise that the issue of “Copyright” is VERY important to us…and to any designer. It’s so important to us that we’ve devoted entire posts to this issue in the past, like this one about “When is it OK to Make a Copy“, and we even listed the potential […]

  • August 2014 Handbag of the Month

    Congratulations to Susan Mautte of Eureka Springs, AR! She’s the winner of our “July 2014 Handbag of the Month” contest! And what a lovely winner her Guardian is!  Her prize? … a $25 virtual gift certificate and a permanent place of honor in our “Handbag of the Month Archive“! So… When you’re ready to see […]

  • Ask Kat: Why Can’t I Enter a Non-SKD Bag in the Contest?

    So… right now it happens about once per week… someone sends me a “Handbag of the Month” entry that’s not one of our designs. Of course it’s stated clearly in the rules on the “Handbag of the Month” page that all entries must be recognizable as one of our designs, but I guess folks get […]

  • Tweeking the Details

    So… a couple of posts ago, we shared with you the floorplan we intend to use this week at the AQS show in Charlotte, and if you’ve been following this blog for long, then you know that I ALWAYS set up a pretend booth on my garage floor in order to choose which sample bags […]